Brass Quintet "Academy" Kyiv, was formed in 1999.

Five talented students of National Music Academy named after P.I.Tchaikovsky in Kiev have bought several classic masterpieces arranged for brass-quintet. After several rehearsals, enjoying the beauty of sounds in harmony of their instruments, they carried away by the idea of ​​creating their own band.

At the beginning mainly popular classical selections arranged especially for the Brass Quintet «Academy» were included in the band’s repertoire. Later on, working on the repertoire, these young musicians add the most popular marches, ragtimes, jazz versions of some popular selections.

«Canadian Brass» inspired the Brass Quintet «Academy» and had a great influence on their performances and their repertoire. Accordingly, many arrangements of the masterpieces of this great band, were added in the repertoire of the quintet "Academy".

In 2001, the German organization "S'Einlädele" invited brass quintet "Academy" Kyiv to Germany for participation in charity concerts for various social projects in support of Ukraine. 

Musicians of the band «Academy» liked very much the idea of the charity concerts and are successfully working with «S’Einlädele» till today.

Over the years, many talented musicians were as a part of the group:

Khomenko Evgeny, Granate Vitali, Yuri Kuzmenko, Budyakivskiy Vasyl, Igor Martyniuk, Dmitriv Victor Eugene Makovsky, Nikolai Nawrocki. 

These days many of them are working in the best orchestras in Ukraine.

The group performs internationally and has recorded CDs. They have commissioned, performed, and recorded lots of transcriptions and original works for brass quintet. «Academy» has a library of more than 300 compositions and arrangements specially and uniquely fashioned for them.

Today following musicians are the members of the Brass Quintet "Academy":

            Shevchuk Oleksandr, Galai Mikola, Klіmchenko Sergiy, Portenko Oleksiy, Oleksіienko Roman.

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